The current governing system that loosely holds the entirety of the human settled worlds together


The Terran Confederacy is decentralized but has kept in touch with all human worlds through a fast FTL communications link that can send and receive messages almost instantly across the galaxy. It has a small army, with the majority of the Terran Confederacy's ships being part of a large fleet of minimally armed exploration vessels. ExplorationCorp is the name of the organization that trains and sends out exploration teams to map the stars.

In times of emergency or dispute and if asked for help, relief or mediation will be sent to wherever there is need. Because of the lack of advanced alien cultures, humanity has spreaded across the milky way, mostly in domed cities on asteroids, and terraformed worlds

The capital world of this loose galactic alliance is located on planet Nova Terra. There are major government buildings all over the world and even cities in the oceans.

The official document of the Terran Confederacy are the Articles of the Terran Confederation.