Welcome to Space Engine: New Worlds! Imagine its the year 10,000 and humans are spread out across the Milky Way galaxy. Interstellar travel is vastly cheaper and easier thanks to the Warp Drive. There are thousands of alien civilizations working together or fighting wars. For the vast majority of the 21st Century, humans are at a crossroads; climate change threatens their existence but technology promises new worlds to explore and colonize. By 2134, the Democratic Republic of Humanity is founded.

The Democratic Republic of Humanity strives for peace, stability, and prosperity. By 10,000 CE, there are thousands of colonies across the Milky Way, all working together to provide a rich and stable economy. The individual human now enjoys a lifetime of luxury and entertainment. They can even live for around 120 years.

General Description

To get started on this wiki, simply download Space Engine from its website [[1]], install the program and start exploring. Write about anything: planets, aliens, galaxies, etc. But please stay confined to procedural objects (randomly generated) or real life objects. I have no objections to mods as long as they don't mess up the game's seed. If a mod adds new planets or galaxies, please do not write them here. You can edit planets or moons for as long as their mass, radius, and gravity remain the same. Basically terraforming is fine.

Also, when you write a new page, please write a few paragraphs to begin with. You can add more later on, but don't add pages with just one sentence. This will only waste pages and could be added to a non-canon category (basically, your stuff won't fit on the main timeline).

Anyone wants a friendly community, so let's try to keep it that way. Only edit each other's pages if there are grammar or spelling mistakes or if you are collaborating with another writer. Any rude, offensive or inappropriate language will require a warning, and if you do not comply, you will be banned from the wiki.

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