Space is a big place. As we continue to search the cosmos for a habitable planet to one day colonise, we stumble upon some of the most bizarre and astronomically astounding things, ranging from the peace of our Solar System to the ferocity of quasars, supermassive black holes and the elusive, and hypothetical, white hole. 

Using the magnificent program known as Space Engine, I hope we can develop a futuristic time of exploring the galaxy and beyond, and even discovering the trillions of lifeforms that inhabit our Universe. Perhaps some of them are intelligent?

General Description

This wiki branches off from the first one: The 100th Millennium . The idea is very simple: find a procedurally generated planet, star or galaxy, name it and write an article about it here. My hope for this wiki is that we develop a different timeline from the wiki this one is inspired from. Imagine the year 3000 and write anything up to that year. It will take a long time to fill up the timeline but one day, I may extend the timeline further to fit in more information.

Start hunting, astronomers! Find that planet, star or galaxy and write about it here! I'm also here every day to check your grammar! Always remember to give a fully detailed page on your chosen planet, otherwise, it will be deleted!

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